The Non-Negotiables for Clear Skin

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Here at The Truth Beauty Company, we are often asked what products are best for achieving and maintaining clear and healthy looking skin; it may come as a surprise to you but our answer is always that products are just pieces of the puzzle! Skin is such a complex organ and healing it really is very personal; what may work for someone else may not be the right product for you! Trial and error (which we know can be frustrating) really does have to happen when seeking the right items for your vanity.

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However, there are some keys tips we like to follow, especially when we have inflammation spring up! Below are 4 non-negotiables, must have elements in order to achieve and maintain great skin.  

1.      Digestive Health: Our skin really does reflect what is going on inside our bodies; hence why examining and correcting your diet is the quickest way to improve your skin (quickest if you want a long term solution – sure, popping a pill or a steroid cream may work faster … but what happens when you stop? Back to unhappy skin).

Your body is self-repairing, self-maintaining and constructed exclusively using building blocks that are found within a whole foods diet but if you are feeding your body processed and nutritionally deficient foods, your skin will penalize you. Water is an effective beauty tool insofar as that it helps flush toxins, as well as providing hydration.

Discovering food sensitivities and allergens is also something worth investigating if you battle with strange rashes, dermatitis, acne, and eczema. Probiotics and / or fermented foods are great additions to your diet to keep things healthy (especially if your healthy gut flora has been compromised by antibiotics). Try adding kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut or kefir. 


2.      Diet: What percentage does alcohol, caffeine, canned food, dairy, fried foods, meats, processed foods, sugar, and non-organic produce make up of your diet? Hopefully, they are occasional indulgences and do not make up the base of your daily sustenance. These guys are the ones that contribute to creating free radicals, that turn on genes for disease, leave you susceptible to sun damage, increase inflammation and cause excessive acidity in the body - yeah, all of that! Opt for whole foods, preferably organic and plant based. This type of diet neutralizes free radical damage, helps prevent and fight disease, protect you from damaging sun rays, reduces inflammation and promotes alkalinity in the body!

Do you feel you could still benefit from dietary support? Take a peek at Blume. Seriously, the yummiest of beverage mixes, loaded with so much goodness! It's Blume is all about supporting a no-compromise wellness journey by recreating your favorite lattes with the magic of superfoods. You can have deliciousness and goodness at the same time! 


3.      Sleep: This is an absolute necessity – and it’s free, so you better take advantage of this one! While you are resting serious magic is happening – collagen production accelerates, growth hormones peak (which help restore and regenerate skin cells), and regulation of the production of cortisol (the hormone that helps us manage stress) occurs. (P.S. Stress is known to age us; so if we can deal with it better, guess what? We age slower). Sleep really does offer fast results!

Do you struggle catching those zzz's though? Try taking a long bath before you hit the hay. And add in your favourite relaxing bath soak. We adore Sahajan's Sleep Well Bath Soak because the blend features Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Nutmeg, which are revered in Ayurveda for their abilities to promote a feeling of peaceful relaxation. 


4.      Skin Care Routine: Like with anything you want to achieve good results in, consistency is the key, and that rule certainly applies to skin care. Going to bed with make up on is a huge no-no (remember the points I made when speaking about sleep?). Your body uses your resting time to repair, and that is best done if your skin is clean. Regardless, it is also important to cleanse after your day because you want to remove environmental pollution and toxins, sweat, and just miscellaneous dirt from the day! We also like to view skin-care as face vitamins; when applying toners, serums and moisturizers you are feeding your skin anti-oxidants, good fats and vitamins – all things necessary to keep you skin clear and glowing. 


What are your own ‘can’t do with-outs’? What have you found that has helped you maintain happy skin? 

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