Maskne: The New Acne Phenomena


Maskne – it’s the new phenomena these days for those of us that aren’t used to wearing a face mask on a regular basis.  Most of us unfortunately are experiencing increased breakouts from wearing a mask while we adapt to this new normal.

Why does this happen?

Maskne is very similar to the type of acne that athletes will experience from wearing their sports equipment (i.e helmets).  The trapped humidity and bacteria buildup from wearing a face mask has effects for your skin. 



How Can I Prevent it?

Making sure that you’re wearing a clean mask is step number one.  If you are using a reusable mask you want to make sure to clean it in-between uses or have multiple to rotate through throughout the week.

Your next main course of action to keep your skin clear will be found in your skincare routine.  Make sure that you have a skincare routine that will not only cleanse your skin but will help strengthen and support your skin barrier throughout the day.

We never want to strip, but rather simply to remove the day's sweat, pollutants and free-radicals!  That starts with cleansing and choosing the right cleanser really does depend on what else is going on with your skin - you may be experiencing maskne - but still have other areas of dryness! Curious about which cleanser might be right for you? Read up on Oil Cleanser's and get to know why we love them and why they might be perfect for you!

We also believe Apoterra’s Herbal Balancing Serum with Immortelle & Green Tea is pure magic. This serum will hydrate, balance, calm, and unclog pores.  Don’t shy away from oils!  Oils can be very soothing for inflamed breakouts - do make sure you are getting the right one for your skin though! Send us a DM or an email if you are unsure of which facial oil is best suited for you!

Many people who struggle with acne make the mistake of dehydrating and over stripping the skin by overusing harsh ingredients and avoiding moisturizers.  This will actually make your skin oilier and more vulnerable to bacteria as your skin barrier is disrupted and attempts to over compensate for the lack of hydration. 

How to Treat those break-outs? Yes, you needn't suffer!

First and foremost, make sure that you are using a proper cleanser. Oil cleansing not your thing after all? There are definitely other options!  Zyderma’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser is an amazing foam cleanser that will target breakouts without stripping the skin. Bonus with this cleanser is that there is a refill available - easy to join the #lowwaste movement while treating and taking care of your self. 

Next is exfoliation, this is a major step to encourage cell renewal and unclog pores.  This can be done through serums, cleansing tools, and exfoliants.  Love again to Zyderma - their Konjac Sponge with Tourmaline is the perfect gentle cleansing tool. 

Now treatments.  Treatments or serums are a major part in your skincare routine because they go the deepest into your skin targeting your concerns. Apoterra’s Sea Berry Balancing Oil will gently exfoliate the skin while delivering high levels of antioxidants and fatty acids to hydrate and clarify your complexion.

Last but not least, masks.  Use a clarifying mask to deeply cleanse and target breakouts.  I absolutely love Indie Lee’s Clearing Mask and encourage you to incorporate a mask into your weekly routine as weekly maintenance for your skin. Don't be afraid to multi-mask or even to use your mask as a spot treatment! Get to know your skin - she will reward you! 

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