Caring For Your Skin During Pregnancy

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When you’re pregnant, there are times when the last thing you’re thinking about is skin care. You feel constantly tired, and unless you’re one of those lucky women who “glows” while pregnant, sometimes you just don’t feel your best.


But consider starting a new pregnancy skin care routine. Caring for your skin will not only help you to feel better, but also to look better and reduce the chance of stretch marks on your body. Here are a few tips for pregnancy skin care.


General Skin Care

Let’s be honest; sometimes pregnancy can cause you not to even want to shower. Even the act of taking off your boots is daunting. Inspire yourself to treat your skin by stocking your shower with a soap like. Baby Soap Bar by Olivier. Cocoa butter is naturally absorbed by your skin, and will leave your skin feeling beautifully silky and hydrated. You’ll actually start to look forward to your shower routine!


Prevent Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are genetic. Some women get them and some women don’t. But to decrease your risk of getting stretch marks as your belly grows, follow your shower with a product like Belly Jelly by Matter Co. Moisturizing your skin improves its elasticity, and allows it to grow with your baby without causing stretch marks as a result.


Prevent sunburn

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it can be a little rough at times, so why add painful sun damage to your list of ailments.

Natural Sun Care Creme contains antioxidants which will help protect your skin, as well as a sunscreen to prevent UV damage.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean that you can’t take care of your skin. After all, a healthy and happy mama will deliver a happy and healthy baby! Establish your skin care routine to make the best of your pregnancy, and enjoy the compliments when you’re told you’re glowing.

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